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Hook words for 3-letter words beginning with O

obi - obia, obis, obit
obe - dobe, lobe, obes, obey, robe
oma - coma, homa, noma, omas, soma
ose - dose, hose, lose, nose, oses, pose, rose
ohm - ohms
own - down, gown, lown, mown, owns, sown, town
owe - howe, lowe, owed, owes, yowe
oda - coda, odah, odas, soda
opt - opts
our - dour, four, hour, lour, ours, pour, sour, tour, your
odd - odds
oar - boar, hoar, oars, roar, soar
out - bout, dout, gout, lout, outs, pout, rout, tout
ooh - oohs, pooh
oca - coca, loca, ocas, soca
oho - boho, coho, moho
ono - mono, onos
owl - bowl, cowl, fowl, howl, jowl, owls, owly, yowl
oak - oaks, oaky, soak
och - loch, oche
oft - coft, loft, soft, toft
orb - forb, orbs, orby, sorb
oba - obas, soba
ova - nova, oval
ohs - dohs, oohs, sohs
oat - boat, coat, doat, goat, moat, oath, oats, oaty
ora - bora, fora, hora, kora, mora, orad, oral, sora, tora
oof - coof, goof, hoof, loof, poof, roof, woof, yoof
off - boff, coff, doff, offs, toff
opa - dopa, opah, opal, opas
ort - bort, fort, mort, orts, port, sort, tort, wort
oxy - boxy, doxy, foxy, poxy
owt - nowt, owts
oik - oiks
oms - doms, homs, moms, noms, poms, roms, soms, toms
oaf - loaf, oafs
ors - cors, dors, kors, mors, tors
org - orgs, orgy
ode - bode, code, lode, mode, node, odea, odes, rode
orc - orca, orcs, torc
oka - okas, okay
oud - loud, ouds