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Log in here with your NASPA membership login to switch to Tournament Mode and access the Tournament Word List database on this site. See below for more information.
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Members of the North American SCRABBLE Players Association can log in here to activate Tournament Mode. In Tournament Mode most features of the site are based on the content of the Official Tournament and Club Word List, 2016 Edition. This includes all SCRABBLE® Word Finder search functions and most of the Word Lists (some Thematic Word Lists are unchanged in Tournament Mode).

When you log in you will see a toggle appear at the bottom right of the main SCRABBLE® Word Finder search bar that enables you to switch between the Tournament List database and the enhanced OSPD6 database that all visitors can access. The enhanced OSPD6 on this site is based on The Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary, Sixth Edition but also includes many additional Tournament List words that the OSPD6 book does not contain. However it does not include the full Tournament Word List; that is available only to NASPA members in Tournament Mode.

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